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We Love Gaara!

For all the Gaara lovers out there!!

3/22/06 11:39 pm - unikorn - got a new pen!

w00t caligraphy penCollapse )

1/19/06 06:56 pm - unikorn - fanart

Happy Birthday GaaraCollapse )

1/14/06 11:04 pm - unikorn - oh noes, fanart!

topless Gaara sketchCollapse )

11/23/05 09:41 am - unikorn - Gaara Sketch

colored Gaara fineliner sketchCollapse )
Or view it here at Deviant Art:

Or here at Y!Gallery:

10/12/05 03:03 pm - devlishtemptres

I love Gaara and just made this Icon. That is all. =P

8/14/05 12:14 am - unikorn - it took me hours!

a little bit of fan art!

oh lookie I drew GaaraCollapse )

4/3/05 05:52 pm - shadowcollector

Ok, now that I have a place to store pics, here's Chibi Gaara!!! Thanks Hoisian for the help ^_^.

ChibiChibiChibiChibiCollapse )

4/3/05 03:35 pm - hoisian - icons and gaara

hi there

found some time to waste while waiting for a lift to staples to get a sketch book, did a nice fat pic of gaara-how i kinda saw him when i first met him! kinda gothic/punk!

also go some icons aswell ^__^


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1X Brian Froud
4X Gaara
4X Neji

Meet the StarsCollapse )

hope u like them, please comment and credit them if used ^^ thanks

4/3/05 09:52 am - hoisian - Yo!

hey ppl!
new to this community! thought i would also add something as it does seems pretty lonely XD poor gaara! 'there are ppl out there who love u!honest!' finding a few o.O if anyone is interested, i have icons for anyones use, some of gaara one their way, plus some already made in my journal hoisian if you want to browse feel free, but it u want to take any, remember to comment and credit it!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

have fun browsing ^^

3/6/05 10:07 pm - shadowcollector

I think Gaara is majorly cool. Scary but cool. Though I think it's dissapointing that he always depends on his sand and isn't good with hand to hand combat (though I've only seen up to episode 74 of the anime, and read up to the start of the 2nd exam in the manga so I don't know what happens).

Anyway, apart from loving Gaara, I'm also in love with Orochimaru and Haku *sniff*.

Sorry, your community looked pretty lonely. Can I join?

And Gaara doesn't have eyebrows, well... If he does, then he's very good with his makeup.
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